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It’s difficult for me to understand about the sentence above. Really difficult because I don’t understand English very well. But, since I know about this statement, my brain is washed and forced to think about this. Yah, all night long I try to elaborate a simple spelling about this statement .

I got this quotations by watching an animation film that show the life of animals. Specially told about the lion as also known as the king of jungle. I watched this film with some extraordinary friends. They’re very good friends that ever I know. And there was a contradiction while we were watching this film that someone from my friends was in poor healthy. But, we were enjoy that situation. Another friends looked tired and become so sleepy, while other stayed focus. It was a complete situation for me. From this, I learn that in togetherness we are more than we are. I mean that we can make any situations with some people in one time. The moral of this story can inspire us to make a big things with togetherness.

Night was late and everybody become sleepy. We must go home, while film was not complete yet. We must leaving because tomorrow we have any activities one out of several is Passover or Easter Devotions. It’s really togetherness.

Bandung, April 23, 2011

Niko SP Simamora