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Education is the magic of life. Apart from the formal and informal, education process is part of life that can be understood as a process of absorption of the values ​​of life and live it to survive. Therefore, education should be the basis for life development. And education should be introduced early on in nature in a true corridor. It does not give the direct results that are invisible, but rather leads to the processing of the values ​​into the subconscious that when growing up recycled into a valuable memories that bring awareness effect.

Currently, education is limited as a process of face to face in the classroom between teachers and students. Education is limited as a process that time bordered for a subject and burdened with the tasks. Education designed to obtain a degree and a certain predicate which then becomes something that “wow” in the public eye. Educational institutions owned only given permission to minister. In fact, education is currently a site prospective business because the greater the chances are judged by the level of financial gain.

What are the effects of the limited understanding of education? All the people vying for educational institutions that offer luxury facilities, teaching staff who “educated”, title promises, programs are “minimized” to a reach “maximized” competency. In fact, everything will be developing educational field instantaneous. Made an instant political education, education is made for leadership, management education is made, and many other things that match. No one does wrong, but does with it, all the respect for education? No. Even with things like that, education becomes an easy thing and all things can be achieved by selecting a specific education to specific interests.

So, what to do? l’histoiredoit être répété. History should be repeated! We return to the day in which researchers and inventors of the concept of science that is still used now. How did they leave school and learn from nature and natural phenomenon. How did they find the concept is not taught in school and even considered crazy because it is different from what the teacher been gave. Education is free to produce something extraordinary. They have been educating the future through their concepts.

How does this apply today? It is not easy, but not impossible. Education must be returned to its spirit, how to humanize humans. Education is the cultural life of an independent and responsible. Let your children learn freely, in accordance with the interests and talents, their nature will be formed. Let the teachers teach freely without the rigid burden, nature will tell them what is most important is taught. Let the institutions still exist, but only as a rest house for discussion and exchange ideas, in the end nature will be a place to practice each of the study.

Finally, the whole education has been a magical life. Human existence becomes something that is prioritized and each human is responsible for a better civilization. Thus, the general welfare and peace is the result of absorption of these life values ​​that shape the culture of life, regardless of the boundaries of existing ones. Social awareness will be higher so that result harmony in building a social progress for each individual. Educating the future, not just an empty dream, but a hope that can be achieved even starting from today. We can!


Niko Saripson P Simamora